Soap that heals from within

Created by two eco-conscious individuals that just wanted to clean their life out.

Vida is an all-natural soap brand passionate about making positive choices in life, especially when it comes to skin care. Skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs over 75% of what you put on it. Yet, the skincare industry is one of the most toxic on the planet.

That’s why we've developed powerful blends to nourish, and heal your body, mind and spirit—Feel the difference, we dare you—Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin problems, and potent enough to heal you in a cellular level to get to the root of the problem.. we've got your back!

We keep it 100—yes a 100% natural. We avoid the icky stuff like parabens, synthetics, additives, preservatives, harsh chemicals, and the list really goes on and on and on. Our ultra-moisturizing premium handmade soaps are vegetable based and enriched with plant botanicals, clays, spices, and yummy essential oils.

Vida soap is eco-friendly packaged in 100% recycled biodegradable boxes infused with wildflowers to create an oasis for bees, let’s feed the buzzzy bees! Toss our package in your garden and watch it grow! Viola, another good deed off your list.

We’re Leo De Freitas and Haylee Perez, the health nuts behind Vida Soap— Have you ever woken up one sunny morning and realized things needed to change? Well… Thats what happened in our case. We realized everything matters in a time of confusion. We changed to a health conscious lifestyle and prioritized the earth’s wellbeing throughout our journey.

No matter how clean of a lifestyle we lead, toxins bombard us on a daily basis:  in our air, water, food, body care products, chemicals in clothing, furniture, the list is endless. Out of necessity came Vida! A healthy alternative to natural healing in a fun aromatic sudsy soap bar packed with nature’s loving energy!

Every day is earth day. Together as one